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Steel Rolling Machines

Manufacturing Machinery Spares, We at Elemech Industries provide world-class products in competitive rate with timely delivery to our customers.

Our Story

Elemech Industries, established in 1990 has its registered office in Mumbai – INDIA. We are primarily engaged in Manufacturing, Development, and Re-Engineering and Supply of Spare parts, Tooling, Components and Equipment to various Engineering Industries. Manufacturing Machinery Spare

Our presence can be felt in the market segments of Steel Plants, Wire and Cable Industries and General Engineering Industries etc. Our products are well received and accepted for quality and timely execution of contracts. Manufacturing Machinery Spares

Manufacturing Machinery Spares

What We Offer

The company has many years of experience providing excellent services to clients in the medium and heavy industry. We provide all kinds of precision metal spares and components based on the drawing or samples. We also provide repairing services of the machine parts which gets damaged due to wear and tear. 

Elemech Industries is known for its quality and delivering on time. We use ISO & British standards for calculations and measuring the jobs with respect to machining, hardening, tempering, grinding and polishing. 

Visit our FAQ section to find the standard charts and calculator.

Manufacturing Machinery Spares

Manufacturing Spares

  1. Pinch Roller
  2. Cutter Head
  3. Gripper
  4. Gripper Holder
  5. Pulling Jaw
  6. Ledges Patti
  7. Shoe
  8. Polishing Disc
  9. Nozzle
  10. Sleeve
  11. Coupling
  12. Rollers
  13. Shaft
  14. Pulley
  15. Pins
  16. Nut Bolts
  17. Tool Holder 
  18. Shear Blade
  19. Shear Knife
  20. Spiral Bevel Gear
  21. Pinion
  22. Sprocket
  23. Worm
  24. Worm-shaft

List Of Machinery

  1. Center Lathe Machine 
  2. Horizontal Boring Machine
  3. Vertical Milling Machine WMW Germany
  4. Alcera France Universal Milling Machine
  5. Gamin Universal Milling Machine
  6. Cincinnati – England Tool And Cutter
  7. Shaping Machine
  8. Alex Surface Grinding Machine
  9. Welding Machine
  10. Drill Machine
  11. Radial Drill
  12. Measuring Instruments
Manufacturing Machinery Spares
Manufacturing Machinery Spares

Raw Materials We Use

  1. Mild Steel
  2. Stainless Steel 304,310
  3. High-Speed Steel
  4. Spring Steel
  5. WPS Steel
  6. D2 Steel
  7. M2 
  8. Alloy Steel
  9. High Tension Steel
  10. Brass
  11. Aluminium
  12. Copper
  13. Ph. Bronze
  14. Gun Metal
  15. Fiber Nylon
  16. Teflon

Manufacturing Machinery Spares for WRM, Bar Mill, Bright Bar, Blooming Mill And Wire & Cable Plant

Specialized in Manufacturing WRM, Rolling Mill, Blooming Mill, SMS & Bright Bar Machine Spares

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